Telephone Directory

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*If dialing from outside campus, press 39 plus the extension listed in the directory, so that the number you are dialing is in the format 203-392-XXXX.

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TABACZYNSKI, Thomas M., Mr.25096  
TABATABAI, Ahmadali (Alex), Dr. 
TAIT, James25838  
TAIT, James, Dr.25838  
TAIT, James, Dr.25838  
TALHELM, Melissa A., Dr.26895  
TAMURA, Ronald, Dr.25988  
TAVARES, Frank, Dr.25387  
TAYLOR, Derek R., Mr.25339  
TAYLOR, Irvin25498 
TAYLOR, Michael B. Mr.  
TAYLOR, Nan, Dr.26868  
TAYLOR-ROSCOW, Maravene E., Dr.25933  
TER-STEPANIAN, Anahit, Dr. 26657  
TER-STEPANIAN, Anahit, Dr.26408  
TERPSTRA, Judith, Dr.25944  
TETREAULT, Jaqueline, Ms. 25587  
THIBAULT, Kelly A., Ms.25872  
THIEL, Robert, Dr.25587  
THOMPSON, Melissa26450  
THOMPSON, Michele, C., Dr.25614  
THORSON, James A., Dr.25626  
TISO, Susan Rood26544  
TOCE, Jacqueline25777  
TODARO, Angela, Dr.25906  
TOMASCAK, Lawrence D., Mr.26169  
TOMASKO, Diane R., Mrs.25749  
TOMCHIK, Patricia, Mrs.25587  
TOMCZAK, Stephen Monroe, Dr.26560  
TORRE, Carlos Antonio, Dr.25897  
TORRES, Cynthia25375  
TORRES, Ivan25375  
TORRES, Sandra26770  
TOTH, Jaime26514  
TOURANGEAU, Diane26593
TOWLE, Antoinette, Dr.26728  
TRELLES, Miguel26770  
TREMBLAY, Robert E., Mr.26465  
TREMBLE, Shirley, Ms.25891  
TRIFFIN, Eric, MPH26950  
TROIANO, Peter F., Dr.25551  
TROIANO, Stephanie26227  
TROY, Robin E., Ms.29636  
TRUEHEART, Cyndi, Dr.25955  
TRUEHEART, Cyndi, Dr.25955  
TUCKER, Clark, Mr.26051  
TUCKER, Michael, Mr.26054  
TULLO, Marc F.25375
TURNER, Patricia29001  
TUSCHHOFF, Betsy (Missy), Mrs.26128  
TYREE, Tracy, Dr.25550  
TYSON, David, Dr.25628  
TYSON, Joseph, Mr.25892