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Outstanding Faculty Awards

The Office of Faculty Development invites you to nominate SCSU’s outstanding professors for two exclusive awards, the J. Philip Smith Outstanding Teaching Award and the Outstanding Academic Advisor Award.
To nominate your choices for each award, read the brief award descriptions, click on the links provided, and give the name, department, and reason (limit of 1000 character/approx. 175 words) that you believe a professor deserves the award. Both the quantity and the quality of overall nominations for outstanding professors will be considered by the review committee. Be sure to place your vote and encourage your peers to place their nominations for outstanding professors as well.
The last day to nominate outstanding professors for these awards is Friday, January 26, 2018, at 12 p.m.

J. Philip Smith Award for Outstanding Teaching

Have you been taught by an outstanding professor?  Maybe they made you think in a new way, touched your life in a positive way, or motivated you to a higher level of performance based on their knowledge, teaching style, and interactions.

The J. Philip Smith Outstanding Teaching Award is presented each year to one full-time professor and one-part time professor. Awardees receive $2,500 and a personalized plaque and are recognized at undergraduate commencement.

Click HERE to nominate an Outstanding Teacher.

Outstanding Faculty Academic Advising Award

Nominations are also sought for the Outstanding Faculty Academic Advising Award.  This award recognizes and rewards faculty who provide exceptional academic advising and mentoring to undergraduate or graduate students. The recipient will receive a $1,000 award, a personalized plaque, and public recognition for their outstanding effort.

Full-time faculty at all ranks who are currently employed at SCSU are eligible for nomination.  Faculty who work collaboratively with students in charting their academic direction, display knowledge of academic programs, degree requirements, and university resources supporting student success, and who provide exemplary guidance to students are especially qualified for nomination.

Click HERE to nominate an Outstanding Academic Advisor.