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Goal One - Objective C - Action Steps

Develop an enrollment management strategy that includes attracting and retaining high-achieving students who are academically prepared, while advancing the university’s mission of educational access.

Action Steps

1.    Expand the Honors College.
2.    Create intellectual programs which appeal to high-achieving students.
3.    Increase support for undergraduate and graduate student research and creative activity.
4.    Competitively fund graduate assistantships and internships.
5.    Expand outreach and recruitment to high-achieving high school and community college students.
6.    Grow “Early College” programs in alignment with best recruitment practices.
7.    Enhance bridge and access programs.
8.    Tap new and emerging markets to build a diverse university community, including a larger international presence.
9.    Leverage financial aid and scholarships to attract and retain students.
10.    Increase merit-based scholarships to align with our aspirational peer institutions.