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How to make a Room Request online

Please visit to use the EMS Web App with your University Account to book standard meetings.  If you've never used the Web App before you will have to wait for the Staff to add your Department to your account so that you can book meetings.  Larger Events are only able to be booked with our Professional Staff.

Conference Service Planning

If you're planning a large event, need advice, or have questions about planning a conference at the Student Center contact Eric Simms or Janet Klicsu to get the process started.  If you have any technical questions regarding an upcoming conference please contact Thomas Dorr.


Facility Usage Form 

Disclaimers and Notices: 

Please note that signs and posters regarding events cannot be taped or posted to any of the following areas (walls, doors, Ballroom, theatre, meeting rooms, glass work, columns) as taping takes the paint off and postings make holes.  Any signs and posters must be put on bulletin boards, easels, cafe tables, and/or the Information Desk.  Push pins for postings are available at the University Student Center's main office - Room 325.