Placement Exams Freshmen

Freshmen  (full and part-time) 

All first year students have been academically placed into an English composition path and mathematics based on SAT scores.  You have an opportunity to challenge both placements if you feel your SAT scores do not accurately reflect your writing and math skills.  All first year students who have two or more years of a World Language in high school must take an online placement.  If you need special testing accommodations due to a documented disability, please contact the Disability Resource Center at 203.392.6828.

Please read the information below to learn more about your academic placement.

Verbal SAT / AP Score Composition Path Fall Spring
430 or below 1 INQ 101 & ENG 110 ENG112
440-560 2 INQ 101 ENG112
570 - 800 or AP Score 4* 3 INQ 101 & ENG 112  
AP Score 5*   INQ 101 Only (waive composition)