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Dress LIke You Mean Business

Are you:
Capable or Careless?  Distinctive or Disorganized?  Ambitious or Ambivalent?
How you present yourself when meeting a potential employer can make or break your chance of being hired.
  • Wear a smile – be attentive and enthusiastic.
  • Hair should be neat, out of the face and free of accessories
  • Nails should be clean, and if polished, should be a light color and design free.
  • Use perfume sparingly.
  • Don't over-accessorize – jewelry should not be distracting.
  • Ill-fitting and wrinkled attire is a business turnoff.
  • Suit should be an appropriate length for sitting as well as standing.
  • If wearing a blouse, choose a soft pattern or solid color.
  • Wear comfortable, conservative, polished shoes, not open-toed shoes or sandals.
  • Choose conservative-style portfolio or briefcase.
  • Purse must be professional in appearance and size.
  • Keep your resume easily accessible so you don't fumble looking for it.
  • It is never "casual Friday" at Career Fair.
  • Look upbeat, interested, and engaged.
  • Wear a conservative, well-groomed hairstyle.
  • A moderate amount of facial hair is acceptable, clean shaven is best.
  • A suit is complemented by a pastel-colored dress shirt.
  • A dress shirt should be worn with a suit jacket.
  • Wear your shirt tucked in with a belt.
  • Tie should not be too bold or busy.
  • Wear dark colored trouser socks.
  • Make sure dress shoes are polished, dark, and conservative.
  • Your portfolio or briefcase complements a conservative style.
  • Carefree is never the look for an interview.
  • Always arrive with fresh, wrinkle-free copies of your resume.
  • No sneakers, period.