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Career Fair Tips

Power-up your networking skills!
Career Fair offers a great opportunity for you to find job leads and network with employers, all in one place. You can apply for positions as well as gather information about occupations and employers that interest you.  And Career Fair is not just for graduating seniors -- it can benefit everyone, from first-year to graduate student. If you're seeking information on occupations, you can ask recruiters questions about the types of skills they look for in entry-level candidates, and what you can do to make yourself an attractive candidate.
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Benefits of Attending Career & Internship Fair
-Learn about career opportunities.
-Find out more about employers than their websites may tell you.
-Meet and share your resume with a number of employers.
-Obtain an internship or a cooperative education experience.

To Prepare for Career & Internship Fair
-Think about how to present yourself in a professional manner.
-Develop a 30-second professional introduction about yourself.
-Practice your handshake to present a confident attitude to employers.
-Make several copies of your refined resume on good quality resume paper.
-Identify the employers that will attend the career fair by visiting
-Decide what you will wear, understanding that business attire presents a professional image.
-Prepare meaningful questions to ask the employers after you introduce yourself. You might ask:

"What kinds of entry-level jobs are available in your organization?"
"Can you describe some of the qualities that help employees succeed in your company?"
"What can I do now to prepare for a career in your organization or industry?"
-Purchase a box of blank thank-you note cards so you can send a handwritten thank-you note to each employer you spoke with.
-Research the websites of the employers that interest you. Jot down key facts about each one and review them before you approach each employer.
-Practice it. Include information such as student status/year of graduation, major and minor areas of study, hopes for the future with the organization

Day of Career & Internship Fair
-Wear business attire to present a professional image.
-Bring several copies of your resume, which you have printed on good quality resume paper.
-Be modest in taking giveaways from employers. These freebies are nice but are not your reason for attending a career fair.
-Be enthusiastic, optimistic, professional, and confident. Smile and make eye contact when you speak with someone.
-Request a business card from each employer you speak to so you have his or her contact information.
-Request a business card from each employer you speak to so you have his or her contact information.
-Go back to employers you were most interested in before you leave the fair and thank them again for their time.
-Keep an open mind about employers and career opportunities you may never have thought about. You may be surprised by companies that could be viable places of employment for you.
-Bring a portfolio or sturdy folder to hold your resumes and the business cards that you collect. Bring a pen for jotting down notes to help you recall your conversations with recruiters.
-Leave your friend at home. If you must have your book bag with you, leave it in a safe place outside of the fair. Turn off your cell phone. Avoid texting while inside the fair.