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Life After College

10 Financial Commandments for Your 20s article
Money Geek: Smarter Financial Decisions website
Gross pay - deductions and taxes = Net Pay - fixed expenses = Disposable income - elastic expenditures = Discretionary income
Tax Breaks for Recent College Graduates article and IRS Pub. 970 Education tax benefits
Estimate your salary from Bureau of Labor Statistics and take home pay at can estimate your federal tax refund
Credit for your free credit report from the 3 major credit bureaus: Equifax (, 1800-685-1111), Experian (, 1888-397-3742), and TransUnion (, 1800-916-8800) and WalletHub for your free credit score and for credit card information
More information about credit from the Federal Reserve and How to Build Credit
 Insurance  or for life, car, health, homeowner and renter insurance
Important also for life changing events such as marriage, children, house, and consumer debt
Utilize the power of early investing and the miracle of compound interest (calculator)
Contribute the maximum for employer match to 401K or 403B
Contribute the maximum to Traditional or Roth IRA (Roth IRA benefits)
My retirement
Estimate your retirement needs
Financial Advising

Find a fee-only advisor at NAPFA

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