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Resume Samples

Getting started on your resume can be a daunting task. The prospect of selling yourself to potential employers in only one or two pages may seem impossible, but these resume samples will help to get you off to a good start. They are MS Word documents, so you can manipulate them to create a resume that reflects your own skills and experience.
Starter Resume 
This resume is a simple combination of chronological and functional formatting. Each content area is filled with quick tips to help you along as you enter your information. It's the perfect place to start! 

Chronological Resume
The chronological resume style organizes information by job titles presented in chronological order, usually listing the most current job first.  Emphasis is on positions held and companies you have worked for. 

Functional Resume
The functional resume style organizes information by skills/qualifications or job functions, usually highlighting those skills and functions of the job being sought.  This type of resume is typically used by individuals with many years of experience.

Electronic Resume
An electronic resume should be used when asked to paste your resume into electronic applications or the body of an e-mail, or any place where a plain text format is requested.  For most e-mail attachments you may use a version that utilizes formatting such as bullets and tabs such as the other samples in this guide.

Chronological Education Resume
The education resume is a chronological style resume tailored for those seeking employment in the field of education. 

Chronological/Functional Resume
This resume combines the elements of both chronological and functional resumes to present a strong image of your strengths and past experience. 

Chronological/Functional Graduate Student Resume
This chronological/ functional resume is designed with graduate students in mind.

Technical Skills Resume
This resume is used to highlight computer skills and is typically used by students who have a technical major.

Chronological Nursing Resume
 This resume is a sample that can be used by students as a guide to organizing their clinical, professional, and work experiences.

Career Advising Handbook
Use the Four Year Career Planning Guide to stay on track with career planning activities such as choosing a major, getting career related experience with co-ops or internships, and beginning your first professional job search.  In addition, you will find a 5 step plan to help you choose a major, tips to help you with your job search, interviewing strategies, and samples to help you with creating your resume, cover letter, and post interview thank you letters.