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Frequently asked questions

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    • Where is the Center for Adaptive Technology/Educational Technology Resource Lab (ETRL)?

    The Center for Adaptive Technology is located in Engleman Hall, room B017A.

    The ETRL is located in Davis Hall, room 118.

    See the SCSU campus map for reference.

    • When is the Center for Adaptive Technology/Educational Technology Resource Lab (ETRL) open?

    Center for Adaptive Technology hours

    ETRL hours

    • Who is eligible to use the Center for Adaptive Technology?

    The Center for Adaptive Technology is open to SCSU students registered with the Disability Resource Center. Students fill out a brief intake form at the Center for Adaptive Technology and participate in an evaluation to determine adaptive technology needs.

    • I am in a Special Education/Communication Disorders class and I would like to use the Center for Adaptive Technology. What should I do?

    The Center for Adaptive Technology is only open to SCSU students with disabilities. The ETRL is available to students who wish to gain hands-on experience with adaptive technology. If there is technology that you would like to use that is not available at the ETRL, you can contact us to make special arrangements.

    • I am interested in having a student from my school district evaluated by the Center for Adaptive Technology. What should I do?

    To obtain an evaluation, please contact us for scheduling.

    • Where do evaluations take place?

    All evaluations are conducted at the Center for Adaptive Technology.

    • How much does an evaluation cost?Who pays for it?

    An evaluation costs $1000. The party responsible for payment varies. Generally, if a school system requests the evaluation, they are responsible for payment. If an individual makes the request, s/he will be billed directly.

    • What if I cannot afford an evaluation?

    A fund has been established to assist individuals who require a computer access evaluation but are unable to afford the cost. Please see our Mary Ann Joy Fund page for more information.

    • I have a book that I would like scanned for use with a text-to-speech program. What should I do? How much does it cost?

    To arrange for scanning, please contact us. The cost for scanning is currently $50 per 400 pages (i.e., books 1-400 pages will cost $50, books 401-800 pages will cost $100, etc.). This price is subject to change.

    PLEASE NOTE: For a book to be scanned, the binding must be chopped and the book needs to be in good condition (i.e., no writing, highlighting, etc.).

    • I would like to schedule an in-service training session at my school, center, etc. What is available?

    Please see our training page for more information. Contact us for scheduling.

    • I am interested in taking classes in adaptive technology. How can I get more information?

    There is a variety of classes in adaptive technology offered through the departments of Special Education and Communication Disorders at SCSU. Both departments have a grant for training students in adaptive technology/augmentative and alternative communication. The Special Education department also offers a master of science with a concentration in adaptive technology. For more information contact the departments or see our educational programs page.

    • Does the Center for Adaptive Technology sell adaptive technology devices or software?

    The Center for Adaptive Technology is not a vendor for any adaptive technology products. Following evaluations, the Center for Adaptive Technology may recommend products that meet the specific needs of an individual. Vendor information may supplied at that time.