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The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at Southern Connecticut State University is an undergraduate support program designed to provide special academic support in a personalized way. 

The primary purpose of EOP is to enhance the efforts of the university in recruiting, counseling, and educating academically promising students who have the desire, motivation, and willingness to assume responsibility for achieving their academic potential.  EOP provides comprehensive academic advisement, personal counseling, tutorial assistance, and referrals in career-oriented, work-study, and learning skills development.  EOP also maintains a liaison with each of the university's academic schools and many individual academic departments.

EOP is centrally located, easily accessible, and provides a friendly atmosphere where students can talk with their counselors, obtain useful information concerning university policies, deadlines, and events, and meet other students.

How much does EOP cost?

There is no charge for services in EOP!


Dawn Stanton-Holmes
Phone: (203) 392-6812
Office: Engleman Hall B 018H