Connecticut College Access and Success Program

The Connecticut College Access and Success Program (ConnCAS) is a joint effort between the Department of Higher Education and Southern Connecticut State University to serve Students who otherwise may not have access to a higher education.

The target population is geographically, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse, but the common denominator is that students chosen for this program show promise for success in college.

However, each candidate has experienced difficultly in one or more academic areas in high school that may prevent the student’s admission to Southern Connecticut State University.

ELIGIBILITY Requirements:

Special circumstances will be considered.

Academic Year

Following completion of the Summer University Access Program and upon matriculation at SCSU in the Fall semester, each student is required to meet biweekly with his or her Academic Review Program counselor as a condition for ongoing enrollment in ConnCAS and at SCSU. A full agenda of academic review and advisement as well as tutorial support is provided for ConnCAS student during the academic year:

In year 2, students will meet with their Academic Counselor following the same above agenda as the First Year. In year 3 and 4, students will meet with their Academic Counselor for a minimum of three times a semester for the remaining time they are at SCSU to ensure academic success and college graduation.

For more information, please call Aaron M. Washington, ConnCAS Program Coordinator, at (203) 392-6814 or email him at