Our Mission

The Campus Writing Center has as its purpose to offer assistance to all Southern students in their pursuit of writing excellence.  Writing Center tutors provide individual attention to students as they begin, continue, or review their writing projects.  Our goal is to promote the development of confident, self-reliant student writers.


To meet our mission, we have established the following objectives:

Successful writers have established, through experience and awareness, effective writing practices.  To assist students, writing tutors share the insights of their own writing experience.  Student writers adopt what they may of the tutors' insights to fit their own writing needs.

Students who have established their own strategies for writing still need to apply their writing to academic purposes.  Tutors serve as a ready audience providing response to student writing and allowing students to gauge the appropriateness of their writing for academic work.

Writing tutorials offer a nonevaluative context for experimentation and growth.  At any stage of growth, confidence is boosted when a student writer accomplishes a writing task to his or her satisfaction.

Writing is not an isolated activity.  The Writing Center forges connections among writers -- students, tutors, and instructors -- reinforcing the development of successful writers.