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Symphonic Pulse Dance Company (SPDC) founded on September 11th 2009, by Isaiah Lyte, Jason Facey, Jesse Kroll & Muonia Wiley, was created to use dance as a form expression and as a social voice. It was created because a group of students saw the need for a dance group that explored the world of culture & dance and expose it to the SCSU community. It was created to build an atmosphere of unity among cultures.

It is the mission of Symphonic Pulse Dance Company (SPDC) to:

     1. Use Dance as a social voice & expression in the community.
     2. To educate the University and community, about diverse genres of dance.
     3. Create an atmosphere of Unity, where creativity can develop and thrive.

SPDC is the newest addition to SCSU's Clubs and Organizations and we are more than just dancers we are a diverse family who believe that anyone has the ability to dance; all you have to do is try!
Our genres include: Hip- Hop, African, Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary, Broadway, Caribbean folk (eg. Reggae), Bhangra & more!
For more information email us at!