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All activities approved by an organization involving the collection of money are defined as fundraising activities.

SCSU Fundraising Policies:

All activities involving the collection of money by clubs and organizations are defined as fundraising activities. These activities include, but are not limited to: bake sales, collection of dues, merchandise sales, concession stands, clothing, promotional items, or monies collected to offset the cost of travel. 


The Assistant Director for Student Involvement and Leadership Development will work with the organization to determine if other procedure or forms need to be submitted, such as Assumption of Risk Forms, travel paperwork, work orders, etc.

No money is to be spent from cash collected
Students CAN NOT be reimbursed from cash collected.

Additional information can found in the State of Connecticut Accounting Procedural Manual. Checks must be made out to SCSU and the club name should be written in the memo line. The sponsoring organization will assume full responsibility if a loss is incurred due to checks being returned to the University for insufficient funds.

Donating to an Outside Organization

  • Using funds to make a donation must be voted and reflected in the club/organizations general body meeting minutes.
  • You must take a vote with all members of the organization as to where the money will be going.
  • “Motion that ___(how much of the proceeds – all, percentage or a specific amount) proceeds from the fundraiser are being donated to ___(where the donation is being made to)”
  • Must include how many members voted for, voted against, and abstained from the vote.
  • Majority vote is required to pass the vote.

The University's policy on Fundraising Activities can be found in the Student-University Relations section of the Student Handbook. Student organizations must assume full and complete responsibility for conducting their fundraising activities in compliance with this policy and any local ordinances and/or State statutes pertaining to fundraising activities. 

How to Deposit Money Into Your Organization’s Account
Student organizations must deposit money or checks into their accounts the next business day from receiving it to the Student Accounts Office. The Student Accounts Office is open on Mondays from 8:00AM to 6:00PM and Tuesdays through Fridays from 8:00AM to 4:30PM.

Directions For Making Deposits
When a club/organization wishes to deposit money into its account, a Deposit Slip must be completed and brought to the Student Accounts Office.

The following information will be required to complete the Deposit Slip:

  • Club/Organization name the money is to be deposited into
  • Fund number (815 fundraising, 816 SGA budgeted, 819 Media)
  • Club/Organization number 411XXX or 410XXX
  • Account number (see six (6) digit account deposit codes in the chart below)
  • Program number – for clubs/organizations use 520000
  • Description of what the deposit is for (Please make sure the description is clear and brief)

NOTE: If a check is being deposited, the check MUST be made out to SCSU with the club/organization name in the memo line. The back of the check is to be endorsed with the fund-organization number-account number-program. 

Example: 815-411XXX-572100 (fundraising)- 520000

If money is being re-deposited/returned from a cash advance or unused expense, the money is to be deposited into the same fund, organization number and account number it came out of.

Deposit/return on cash advance for supplies 816-411XXX-772140 (supplies)-520000


Student organizations cannot use exterior websites to raise to money for any organization business. The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development offers the program Marketplace to assist students in raising funds through online donations.