Student Center Policies & Procedures

Policies and Procedures

  1. All groups must provide a letter of intent of who they are, their purpose, date and time, number of guests attending, who their target audience is and if they are charging participants to attend the event.

  2. All conferences and events will be approved or denied by the Facilities Usage Committee.  This Committee will also determine the need for Campus Security and Parking.

  3. Once approved, all outside and co-sponsored event planners must sign a contractual agreement and provide a one million dollar Certificate of Insurance listing the Michael J. Adanti Student Center as additionally insured.

  4. Upon approval, you will be contacted by the Conference Coordinator and your request will be held based on availability.


In order to minimize liability risks, Southern Connecticut State University requires all outside organizations who host conferences or events on campus to provide appropriate insurance.  The purpose of this is to indemnify the University for any loss resulting from bodily injury or property damage which may arise from the operations, employees, or agents of the organization.  The organization must provide a copy of a certificate of liability and property damage insurance (without a deductible) which names the Southern Connecticut State University as additionally insured.  This policy must remain in effect for the entire length of the event or program. 


If the requestor at the time of completing a "Reservation Form" indicates that it wishes to make alcoholic beverages available at an on-campus event, the Alcohol Policy Addendum form must also be completed and returned to the designated risk manager.  Sale of alcoholic beverages on University premises is prohibited. 

If alcohol is served, the Alcohol Policy Addendum must then be forwarded to the designated risk manager.  After their review, the form is forwarded to the Vice President for Student Affairs.

When the event is designated as University sponsored, the group representative(s) must meet with the University Food Service provider to arrange for the beverages.  If the campus group or department does not wish to use the University Food Service provider, host liquor liability insurance must be secured.

When the event is not designated as sponsored by the University, the group representative(s) shall be required to secure host liquor liability insurance.

All request must be submitted and forwarded to the Vice President for Student Affairs at least four (4) weeks prior to the event.

The Vice President of Student Affairs, in consultation with the President, will evaluate the request and inform the user of the decision. 

Nondiscrimination Certification for State Contracts