Meal Combos

The Resident Meal Plans have been designed to accommodate the various needs of the SCSU students.  The Standing Reservation Meal Plan, whether it is the 19,15 or 12 meal plan, is intended to be used in the All-you-care-to-Eat Connecticut Dining Hall.  However these plans may be used across the campus at other venues.

What makes up an Meal?  Depending on the retail location, choose a pre-determined combo in Dunkin Donuts, ASC food court, Bagel Wagon, Davis Hall or the North Campus Market in place of your All-you-care-to-Eat meal in Connecticut Hall.  Your Resident Meal plan comes with a set number of Meals that you can use.

All combo meal options are posted in the retail locations for your convenience.  Whenever possible the meal combos have been designed with an equivalent value to the All-you-care-to-Eat meal in Connecticut Hall.  However, at student requests, specific meal combos are offered but required using a meal equivalency with an addition an additional charge.

How Meals work At Retail Locations:

Open this PDF Link to read more: ABC AnyWhere Meals for Fall 2015