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Living Learning Communities

Living-Learning Communities offer a unique opportunity to reside with students who share similar interests within a themed community specifically tailored to your interests. You will have the opportunity to provide direct feedback about programs, share leadership for the development of activities, and live with other like-minded students.

Living-Learning Communities (LLC) are available to new and returning students. To be eligible for a living learning community you must:

  • Meet eligibility requirements for the Residence Hall in which the LLC is located
  • Have an interest in the topic/focus area for the LLC
  • Honors College students must be accepted into the SCSU Honors College

Honors LLC

Honors Living-Learning Community (West Campus)

The Honors Living-Learning Community is specifically designed for students who are accepted into the Honors College at Southern Connecticut State University. Students who live in the Honors LLC benefit from the opportunity to live among and receive support from other students who are engaged in this interdisciplinary program. This community offers social opportunities for residents, as well as educationally enriching programs. As a member of the Honors LLC, each resident plays an integral role in the development of a positive academic residential experience where Honors students can learn, grow, and thrive during their time at Southern.

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First Generation LLC

First Generation Living-Learning Community (Wilkinson Hall)

The First Generation Living-Learning Community is designed to provide support to students who are one of the first in their families to go to college. Whether selecting classes or understanding financial aid, aspects of university life may be confusing to any student--and particularly first generation students. This community will focus on the shared experience and sense of responsibility many first generation students feel as they navigate their college life.  Specific programming will feature topics such as utilizing the resources of the on-campus student support offices, the importance of getting involved on campus, and ways to plan for financial well-being. Additional support for members of this community will be provided by SCSU students leaders who have experienced being a first generation college student and who are looking to share their experience with their younger peers.

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Sustainability LLC

Sustainability Living-Learning Community (Hickerson Hall)

The Sustainability Living-Learning Community is designed for first- and second-year students of any major who are interested in green initiatives including recycling, energy conservation, and community gardening. Environmentally-themed documentaries, speakers, programs and trips off campus offer students opportunities to learn and promote environmental awareness on campus and in the larger local, national, and global communities. Members of the Sustainability LLC advise the Office of Residence Life on implementation of sustainable practices in the residence halls.

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Transfer LLC

Transfer Living-Learning Community (Farnham Hall and Schwartz Hall)

The Transfer Living-Learning Community is designed to support new transfer students who are continuing their college experiences at SCSU after previously attending a different college or university. Students in this community will live among current SCSU students who have previously transferred from other institutions or who are actively involved on campus and are looking to help new transfer students make strong connections on campus, both academically and socially. Programming in this community will be specifically tailored to help new transfer students make these connections and to establish themselves on campus.

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International LLC

International Living-Learning Community (North Campus)

The International Living-Learning Community is designed for junior and senior residents who wish to explore cultures of the world and global citizenship. Both domestic and international students will mutually benefit from opportunities to learn about world cultures, practice and develop language skills, and live among others with shared interest in cultural exchange. Daily roommate interactions, programs on cultural understanding and adapting to new environments, and trips off campus make this LLC ideal for students who have studied or are interested in studying abroad during their time at Southern. The LLC is also ideal for international students who are interested in developing meaningful connections with domestic students. Members of the International LLC advise the Office of Residence Life on international student experiences in the residence halls.

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Health LLC

Health professions living-learning community(Chase Hall)

The Health Professions Living-Learning Community is designed to provide support to students who are interested in health-related fields including nursing; public health; social work; exercise science; marriage and family therapy; recreation and leisure studies; and communication disorders. SCSU is the only school in Connecticut that offers these disciplines under a single umbrella. Research highlights that clients are best served when professionals collaborate. This community will focus on the shared experiences of residents interested in these fields of study. Specific programming will be centered around topics including academic support, career exploration, and the utilization of on-campus student support offices.  Additional support for members of this community will be provided by SCSU student leaders who have similar interests and who are looking to share their experience with their younger peers.

How Do I Request a Living Learning Community

You may select a Living-Learning Community through your housing application on the MyHousing Portal. If you have already applied for housing you can revisit your application to select your desired Living Learning Community. Please be aware of the following deadlines for application to a community:

  • Returning Residents and Current Commuter Students: March 25, 2016
  • New Freshmen and Transfer Students: May 15, 2016