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Neff Hall

Neff HallNeff Hall is a classic-style residence hall at Southern Connecticut State University, offering a great living environment for freshmen and sophomore students. In order to live in Neff, you must have less than 60 credits. Located near the University Quadrangle, these halls provide convenient access to the Quad, Connecticut Hall, and the academic buildings across the footbridge. Accommodations in the straightlines house two or three students per room in double or triple rooms.

    * Closets and drawer space
    * Beds with mattresses
    * Two or three desks
    * Two or three chairs
    * Compact microwave/refrigerator unit


All rooms in the straight lines are cable and ResNet-equipped. On each floor of the hall is a community bathroom with multiple shower units, toilets and sinks for use by residents of that floor. Each floor has a common area lounge equipped with cable television; the lounge is often the site of programming within the building. Finally, each floor has a utility/laundry room with a stove/oven and a washer and dryer for use by the residents of the floor.

The main lounge of the building gives ample space for residents to relax in and watch TV. Residents are able to use the multiple pool tables in the basement at no charge by "renting" equipment from the main office with their student ID. Some buildings also offer a ping-pong table and/or foosball for use by the residents.

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Neff Hall Staff:


David Lee
Director of Neff Hall 
(203) 392-6354