Schwartz Hall


Schwartz HallSchwartz Hall offers true apartment-style living for  students having 45 or more credits, with three different housing options for students in two-, four-, or six-person apartments.

Each apartment has a full kitchen equipped with stove/oven, sink and garbage disposal, full-sized refrigerator, and dishwasher. Individual heating and air conditioning units in the apartment allow for control over the temperature of the rooms.

The two-person apartment is studio-style, with a large open area adjacent to the kitchen. A full bathroom is also provided in the apartment, as is a small walk-in storage area. A dining room table and couches are provided for the living area. Finally, each student is provided with a bed, mattress, dresser, desk, and chair.

The four-person apartments offer the same amenities as the two-person apartments, except the in the four-person apartments the living room area is separated from the bedroom. These apartments offer ample storage space and a full bathroom with shower. Individual control for heating and air conditioning units allow for separate climate control in the bedroom and the living room.

The six-person apartments provide a large living room and dining area adjacent to the kitchen. Along with the full bathroom, extra sinks are provided for easy access by all residents of the apartment. Finally, two bedrooms are provided to allow spacious living space in the apartment. Each resident is provided with a bed, mattress, desk, chair, and dresser for storage.

The main floor of Schwartz Hall is home to the central office of the Office of Residence Life. The basement houses the University Women's Center and the Drug and Alcohol Resource Center. Also, a large laundry room offers multiple Hoot Loot-operated washers and dryers for use by residents, with study carrels, cable television, and couches for relaxation.

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Adam Bonet
Director of Schwartz Hall
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