Meet the Staff

Robert DeMezzo, MBA                                                 Rob Demezzo 
Director of Residence Life                                 
(203) 392- 5886 



Marvin WilsonMarvin Wilson, MS
Associate Director of Housing Operations
(203) 392-5091  







Mark Parrott
Assistant Director of Residence Life for Upper-Class Communities
(203) 392-5852
Kellty T
Kelly Thibault
Assistant to the Director of Residence Life
(203) 392-5872





Dee Dee Dahlman



Dee Dee Dahlman
Interim Housing Assignment Coordinator
(203) 392-8856 





Lekeisha Woods
Office of Residence Life Secretary
(203) 392-5012




Residence Hall Directors

The Residence Hall Directors are full time administrators at Southern Connecticut State University and live in the Residence Halls. They are responsible for the residence hall students, activities, and facilities. They provide advisement, counseling and supervision, assisting residents individually and as a group. It is their responsibility to work with students and Resident Advisors to create an environment that contributes to the intellectual, social, and cultural development of the residents who live in the halls. In addition, they assist the Director of Housing and are responsible for Central Office duties as assigned by the Director of Housing. They are also the major contributors to the entire Resident Advisor training program. Each Hall Director's office is located within their respective hall and is open to the residents from 8.30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Adam BonetAdam Bonet
Director of Schwartz Hall 
(203) 392-6120

Sean Watson
Sean Watson
Director of Hickerson Hall                                                      




Chermele Christy chermele
Director of Brownell Hall 
(203) 392- 6374





jennaJenna Retort

Director of West Campus 
(203) 392-9223






russRuss Smith
Director of North Campus Midrise & Townhouses 
(203) 392-6379 






Christalyn Vargas

Cristalyn Vargas
Director of Neff Hall
(203) 392-6356







Sarah Autieri                                                                 
Director of Farnham Hall
(203) 392- 5436









Jason RizkJason Rizk
Director of Chase Hall
(203) 392-6363






Graduate Interns

Erin Dyer



Erin Dyer
Communications, Technology & Safety Systems
(203) 392-5245 
Liz Dishian
Elizabeth Dishian 
Programming Development 
(203) 392-5010 
Nikki Hutchinson

Nikki Hutchinson                                                                  
Programming Development                                              
(203) 392-8929