2/24 $60 Hoot loot
3/3 $55 Hoot Loot
   3/10 $50 Hoot Loot

Faculty & Staff Memberships



Membership Fees

Membership Type



12 months paid in full $225 Hoot Loot All faculty and staff
12 Months, Payroll deduction
     $16 Hoot Loot down payment
     $8 per pay period


Full time faculty and staff
Single semester $100 Hoot Loot ($50 at mid-terms) All faculty and staff
Summer $25 Hoot Loot All faculty and staff

We allow students, faculty and staff to try out the Fitness Center for seven consecutive days once per semester.  Just come to the Fitness Center with your ID to sign up.

2013 Membership Dates

Membership includes unlimited access to a variety of group exercise classes.   Fees must be paid with Hoot Loot.



$225 Hoot Loot

HootLoot logo
  1. Applicants must read through & complete the membership application and liability waiver. Membership application
  2. Add $225 to your Hoot Loot card
    (To find out how to add money to your Hoot Loot card visit
  3. Bring completed application with funds available to the fitness center during hours of operation. 



$225: $16 Hoot Loot down, $8 per pay period

Only Full-time Permanent Faculty and Staff may use payroll deduction to pay for 12 month memberships.
  1. Complete membership application below.
    Payroll Deduction Application
  2. Add $16 down payment to Hoot Loot card.
  3. Return completed application and Hoot Loot card to Fitness Center during hours of operation. 
  4. Your membership begins immediately although your deduction may take 1-2 pay periods to show the $8 deduction.

Membership fees are non refundable.                             

Please note: credit card transfers to your Hoot Loot card may take up to an hour to process.  Please schedule card transfers accordingly.


$100 (or $25) with an option to convert to a 12 month membership.

      1. CLICK HERE for a membership application.
      2. Add funds to your Hoot Loot card.
      3. Return completed application and Hoot Loot card to Fitness Center during hours of operation. 

If at any time during your FIRST single semester membership you choose to convert your semester ($100) membership into an annual membership ($225), you may pay the difference . 


Are you ready to start an exercise program?

We encourage you to use this self questionnaire to find out. If you think you are not ready to workout - you should wait to join the SCSU Fitness Center until you have spoken with your physician.

Your safety is our #1 priority, so it is important you are aware of any health conditions that require attention prior to beginning or altering an exercise program.

Questions? Contact the fitness center at 392-8971 or