Stress Management


Manage Stress???  Stress Picture

What, one more thing to "manage" before the semester gets underway for real? 

Is it possible to manage stress, and do you really want to?  The answer to that question is yes and no.

Stress can both motivate us to do well and diminish our mental well being.  Stress is defined as a physical and psychological reaction to issues and events emanating from one's environment. College students experience many changes in environmental issues and events, and therefore are especially susceptible to negative stress. 

These stressors can include:

The first step in managing stress is learning how to recognize the warning signs. These include:


So, back to the original questions, do we manage stress, and how do we do so? Good stress can come from positive events. Stress that motivates us comes from exciting or positive events like a healthy new relationship, buying a new computer, preparing for the exciting new life changes at college.  These types of stressors do not always provoke the above warning signs.  Concentrate on and address the unhealthy stressors, and learn to appreciate the positive.

Strategies for managing stress:

Last but not least:  be aware of your own reactions to stress,  recognize and accept your limits


In conclusion, if this information has stressed you out, and you would like to stay that way, here are some tips adapted from Stef Jones of De Anza College:

(more help to stay stressed can be found at


Balance is important!