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Note: WC indicates that the material is presented by the Women's Center staff and MI is presented by the Men's Initiative.

Sex, Violence, and the Media (WC, MI)
This interactive, multimedia presentation takes a look at representations of gender, sex, and college students in popular culture and the media. Through images, music, and videos, participants are presented with the dominant images that drive our culture and the idea that "SEX SELLS". This interactive presentation will highlight the stereotypes/issues represented in the media.

Stalking Realities (WC)

Facebook, MySpace, and other online communities are great ways to meet new friends and keep in touch with people. However, stalking (including the use of technology to stalk) and online harassment occur more often than we think! In addition to definitions and statistics, presenters will share examples through case studies and interactive activities. Learn the issues that social media websites present in connection to our lives and other technological devices.

Relationship Poker (WC)

Relationships are an important part of college life, but not everyone's relationships are always healthy. This interactive program looks at the continuum of intimate relationships - from healthy to abusive. This is an in-depth look at the issues associated with the red flags and other behaviors that help to identify if a relationship is healthy or unhealthy. This program will spark conversation, dialogue and discussion about the idea of healthy and unhealthy relationships.

The Makings of a Hook-up (WC, MI)

This interactive presentation provides a general overview of sexual assault, including the role of consent and alcohol, as well as on issues of consent and victim blaming. All activities can be tailored to fit the audience.

Be A Man (MI)

What do you think it means to "be a man?" Tough? Strong? Unemotional? How do these perceptions contradict our own experiences? Come discuss what masculinity means to you, the contradictions it often poses to our own experiences and why it's important to consider and discuss these questions.

Bystander Intervention (MI)

Silence is often taken as approval. But what do we do or say to be able to do something if we are not directly involved in a dispute, unhealthy relationship or an offensive remark? This discussion will highlight the importance of being an active bystander and what you can do safely as a bystander.

  Film Screenings/Presentations

Educational films are an asset to learning, as they help spark conversation and challenge perceptions. Our facilitators can incorporate any of the following films into a guest lecture or turn the film screening and discussion into its own lecture at the request and availability of a presenter(s).

Telling Amy's Story
Telling Amy's Story follows the timeline of a domestic violence homicide that occurred in central Pennsylvania on November 8, 2001. While we will never be able to change the ending to Amy's story, we hope that it's telling can change outcomes for the millions of victims, survivors, and loved ones affected by domestic violence every day.

Dreamworlds 3: Desire, Sex, & Power in Music Video
Dreamworlds 3, the highly anticipated update of Sut Jhally's groundbreaking Dreamworlds 2 (1995), examines the stories contemporary music videos tell about girls and women, and encourages viewers to consider how these narratives shape individual and cultural attitudes about sexuality.

Killing Us Softly 3

Killing Us Softly 3 provides a groundbreaking analysis of advertising's depiction of women in this most recent update of the pioneering Killing Us Softly series. The film decodes an array of print and television advertisements to reveal a pattern of disturbing and destructive gender stereotypes. The analysis challenges us to consider the relationship between advertising and broader issues of culture, identity, sexism, and gender violence.

Tough Guise

While the social construction of femininity has been widely examined, the dominant role of masculinity has until recently remained largely invisible. Tough Guise is the first educational video geared toward college and high school students to systematically examine the relationship between pop-cultural imagery and the social construction of masculine identities in the U.S. at the dawn of the 21st century.

The Bro Code: How Contemporary Culture Creates Sexist Men
Filmmaker Thomas Keith takes aim at the forces in male culture that condition boys and men to dehumanize and disrespect women.  Keith breaks down a range of contemporary media forms such as music, pornography, and comedy that revel in myths of American manhood and entitlement.  The Bro Code challenges young men to question these dangerously sexist ideal of masculinity.

Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes
Hip-hop is a man's game but does it have to be? A self-described "hip hop head" takes an in-depth look at masculinity and manhood in rap and hip-hop, where creative genius collides with misogyny, violence and homophobia, exposing the complex intersections of culture and commerce. A short discussion will follow. Produced by Media Education Foundation Northampton, MA, c2006

Wrestling with Manhood: Boys, Bullying and Battering
Drawing the connection between professional wrestling and the construction of contemporary masculinity, Wrestling with Manhood shows how the so-called "entertainment" of wrestling is related to homophobia, sexual assault and relationship violence. It shows how wrestling allows cynical promoters of violence and sexism an uncontested role in the process by which boys become "men." A short discussion will follow. Produced by Media Education Foundation Northampton, MA, c2006

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