Students' Rights

Students' Rights Concerning Sexual Violence on Campus

Under United States federal law students are guaranteed a right to education free from sexual violence and harassment. Click here for resources.

Students have the right to:

1. Information about on and off-campus reporting procedures. For more information click here

2. Details about where students can receive support and services related to a sexual assault. For more information click here 

3. To have a Victim Advocate present when they report sexual violence. Ask for a Victim Advocate when making a report or contact the University Victim Advocate, Catherine A. Christy, SCSU Women’s Center, at (203)392-6946 or email or the local Women & Families Center at their 24-hour hotline -- 1-888-999-5545 (English) or 1-888-568-8332 (Spanish) or (203) 235-4444 (out of State). For more information click here 

4. Assistance with changing their living arrangements, classes, work schedule or other accommodations following an assault will be provided to whatever extent possible and within reason. For further information click here 

5. Plans for how the university will honor protective orders and restraining orders. For more information click here 

6. To be informed of the university disciplinary procedures. For more information click here

Students have the right:

               a. to request that disciplinary proceedings begin promptly
               b. to have disciplinary proceedings conducted by an official who has been trained in issues related
                          to sexual violence
               c. to bring a support person to any disciplinary proceedings, present evidence and witnesses on
                          their behalf, and be informed in writing of the results of any disciplinary hearings. These are the
                          rights of both the victim/survivor and the accused.

7. To expect that the University will keep a victim/survivors’s identity and personal information as private as possible if they report sexual violence.