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And those are just some...

In order to honor her son after his needless death, Judy Shepard, along with Matthew's father Dennis, founded the Matthew Shepard Foundation, which works to "replace hate with understanding, compassion, and acceptance." Additionally, Judy Shepard frequently tours the country speaking about her son and her experiences, working to help educate people about hate crimes and GLBT rights. Judy Shephard has been regarded as a powerful speaker. 


Rachel Maddow, an out lesbian, has been featured on MSNBC news. Her coverage of thenational election has been praised as one of the best shows for informative analyses. The Rachael Maddow Radio Show airs Monday to Friday at 6pm EST on Air America Radio.

What is queer law? What will happen to California now that Proposition 8 has passed? Slate Magazine is a great online tool to check out to be updated about the future of LGBT rights in this country.