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Student Organizations affiliated with the Multicultural Center

African Student Association

Mission: “United we Stand Divided We Fall”!!! The African Student Association (ASA) is an organization that provides students and the community, in an engaging environment for all the people of the African Descent or All who is interested in learning about the African descent.

We are an organization that wants to teach others about the different heritages among the different areas around Africa and also learn from each other. We not only want to reflect on the good that has come from Africa, but also the bad situations that are happening ,so that we as an organization can help each other help others to try and better the situations in any we can. All are welcomed!

Asian Society

Mission: We aim to bring the SCSU community the opportunity to experience some aspects of Asian culture while creating a relaxed, open and supportive environment.



Black Student Union

Mission: It shall be the purpose of this organization to develop an Afro-American consciousness at Southern Connecticut State University, to support the broadening and enhancement of the social and cultural development of the students, and in doing so, promote general welfare of the University and the national community. @SCSU_BSU

Chinese Student Association

Mission: SCSU Chinese Club is an organization that hopes to spread awareness of the Chinese culture to the whole SCSU community. It intends to strengthen the idea of diversity on-campus. Membership is not solely restricted to Chinese-American students, but encourages anyone who is interested and wants to get involved in this rich culture.

Men About Business

Mission: It shall be the purpose of Men About Business to work with each other and shall be governed by the laws set by the school and the constitution outline. We are interested in uniting men on this campus where we have the opportunity to:

  1. Unite and engage in weekly discussion on controversial issues.
  2. Successfully network with others so that we can help each other in future endeavors.
  3. Perform community service to help give back to the communities.
  4. To become more involved with on campus activities making a difference in students attitudes about school activities, and supporting other on campus organizations.


Multicultural Advisory Board

Mission: The purpose of the Multicultural Advisory Board (M.A.B) shall be to a) sponsor programs and activities that enhance and promote social and professional development for members within the multicultural organizations, b)improve the quality of University life for multicultural organizations members and c)create a sense of community, for persons of under-represented groups, within the University and surrounding areas.

Muslim Student Association

Mission: The Muslim Student Association is an organization for Muslims and Non Muslim students alike at Southern Connecticut State University. The MSA is a diverse group consisting of people of different origins, nationalities, and culture. The MSA serves the needs of students by providing an atmosphere in which all students of different cultures and backgrounds are accepted. The MSA at Southern is dedicated to maintaining the culture, heritage, and practices of Islam and Muslims, as well as combating common stereotypes and misunderstandings about Islam and Muslims.

This organization is a means by which Muslim students maintain and increase their faith in a college environment as well as a tool by which non-Muslims on campus learn about Islam. The purpose of the MSA at SCSU is to provide an environment for the development and networking of Muslims on campus while fostering a sense of community between Muslims and non-Muslims through education, dialogue and interaction. The MSA gives a voice for the Muslims on this campus to express and break misconceptions by teaching the true meaning of Islam. We welcome all Muslims and non-Muslims to join the group.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Mission: While much of NAACP history is chronicled in books, articles, pamphlets and magazines, the true movement lies in the faces--the diverse multiracial army of ordinary women and men from every walk of life, race and class--united to awaken the consciousness of a people and a nation. The NAACP will remain vigilant in its mission until the promise of America is made real for all Americans. @SCSU_NAACP

Organization of Latin American Students

Mission: The Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS) is a group of students who have united to raise Latino awareness on campus, and try to find solutions to the needs and problems of our Latino students.

We are committed to the preservation of our Latino cultural heritage by devoting ourselves to the enhancement and creation of relevant classes, programs and events which will stimulate our identity and cultural roots.

We, as students of Latino heritage, are an extension of our people's struggles for advancement and self-determination. Therefore, we will express our commitment to the recruitment of Latino students and continue to relate and work with the Latino community of the New Haven Metropolitan Area. 

People to People Club

Mission: We are an organization dedicated to keeping diversity on Southern's campus. Our goal is to help international students find their place on campus, as well as to help local students be more aware of the diversity around them.

Steppin’ Up Drill Team

Bio: Steppin' Up Drill Team consists of gifted, talented, and educated individuals that attend Southern Connecticut State University. @SteppinUp1

West Indian Society

Mission: This organization is geared towards enlightening those who are interested in acquiring insight on the West Indian Islands. Our mission is to unite West Indian students who have a common interest to raise cultural awareness and instill diversity at Southern Connecticut State University. Moreover, we, the members of the West Indian Society also aim to educate those not of West Indian descent in order to enrich their knowledge on the various Caribbean Islands as we strive to learn the customs and traditions of their cultures as well.