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Meet the Team

The Student Support Team (SST) includes a wide range of administrators, faculty, and staff members to ensure the widest base of information on individual cases. Team members also provide expertise to help with collaborative decisions.

MEMBERSDr. Jules Tetreault

SST Chair
Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs
Dean of Students

Christopher Piscitelli 
SST Vice-Chair
Assistant Dean of Students 
Director of Student Conduct

Jessica Baycroft
SST Case Manager
Student Affairs Case Manager

Dr. Jeffrey VanLone
Director of Counseling Services

Dr. Diane Morgenthaler
Director of Student Health Services

Mandi Kuster
Associate Director of Residential Education & Community Development

Denise Bentley-Drobish
Director of Student Involvement

Sal Rizza
Director of New Student & Sophomore Programs
Student Success Center

Additional members of the Southern Connecticut State University administration, faculty, and staff may be called to serve on the SST when necessary. Additional members represent:

Academic Advising
Academic Success Center
Access Programs
Disability Resource Center
First Year Experience Program
Multicultural Center
Sexuality & Gender Equality (SAGE) Center
Violence Prevention, Victim Advocacy & Support (VPAS)