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Meet the Students!


Student Worker/Intern      

Cora Walker
Student Worker/Intern
Pre-Nursing – May 2019
Cora is taking over managing the Swap Shop on campus and the Waste Reduction project. The Waste Reduction Project is monitoring how full the trash and recycling dumpsters are on campus the day before it gets picked up, to see if we can reduce the amount of pick-ups per week. 
Cora plans on becoming a Nurse Practitioner in the future to gain experience, and then would like to open her own practice so she can run her own business.

Skyler Edmondson
Skyler Edmondson
Student Worker/Intern
Geography, minor in Biology - May 2016
Skyler focuses on energy consumption and reduction plans on campus, this includes electricity, water, and gas. He reviews electricity usage for each building on campus and also assesses solar energy as an option on campus. He also works on sustainable projects at Southern and around New Haven, including the Urban Oasis near the Rugby field.
Skyler plans on joining the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps for a couple of years, then head to grad school. 

Student Intern
Derek Mathews
Graphic Design Intern
Graphic Design – Winter 2016
Derek creates posters, designs for clothing, and promotional items for the office for events on and off campus.
Derek plans on becoming the next American Ninja Warrior.

Student Intern
Jesse Gillis
Chartwells Sustainability Intern
Liberal Studies - May 2016
As an employee of Chartwells and under the guidance of The Office of Sustainability, Jesse assists with the development and application of sustainable practices for Chartwells on campus.
After graduation Jesse is moving to Burlington, VT and will be attending graduate school in 2017 to further his career in Sustainable Development. 

Paul Kinderski
Paul Kindzierski
Public Health Intern
Public Health - May 2016
Paul is primarily working on the Recyclemania competition for the Spring semester that promotes recycling and waste reduction in the residence halls.
Paul would like to go back to school and get his Masters degree in Health Care Administra

Student Intern
Caitlin Shwind
Public Health Intern
Public Health, minor in Nutrition - May 2016

Cait will be helping to showcase Southern's various sustainability efforts through different platforms including the web publication City Atlas New Haven.
Cait plans on getting on her master’s degree in public health specializing in health promotion and chronic disease prevention.