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Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

We extend our deep gratitude to the following sponsors for their generous support of Southern's Title IX Event:

  • Pullman & Comley, LLC
  • CT Women's Basketball Hall of Fame  
  • Pathways to Academic Excellence funding by the National Science Foundation Grant # 0966208
  • Center for Research on Interface Structures and Phenomena [CRISP], a National Science Foundation [NSF] Materials Research Science and Engineering Center [MRSEC]  at Yale/SCSU [MRSEC DMR 1119826].   
  • SCSU Athletics Department
  • SCSU Exercise Science Department
  • SCSU Office of Institutional Advancement
  • SCSU Office of Community Engagement
  • SCSU Office of Faculty Development
  • SCSU Office of Student Affairs
  • SCSU Physics Department
  • SCSU School of Arts and Sciences
  • SCSU School of Business
  • SCSU School of Education
  • SCSU School of Health and Human Services
  • SCSU Women’s Center
  • SCSU Women’s Studies Department