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911: Emergency calls

emergency phone

In the event of any medical emergencies on campus, you should dial "911" and clearly state your emergency to the dispatcher. Do not hang up the phone until the dispatcher has taken all of the required information. The Southern Police, in conjunction with the New Haven/Hamden fire/rescue will respond to the emergency.


Individuals can report a medical or fire emergency by dialing 911. All other types of emergencies, hazardous conditions, or everyday incidents may be reported to University Police by dialing 888 from any in-house telephone or by calling extension 25375.

Blue light emergency telephones are strategically located outside and may be activated by simply pushing the red button. The dispatcher will take the necessary information and quickly dispatch a police officer or other emergency services personnel to your exact location.

Phone Numbers

203-392-6317 Fax

Physical Address

10 Wintergreen Avenue
New Haven, CT 06515

Mailing address

501 Crescent Street
New Haven, CT 06515