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Campus Sex Crimes

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act (CSCPA) and related State statutes requires that convicted sex offenders inform their state registering agencies whenever they enroll or become employed at a postsecondary institution. The registering agencies are required to notify the campus police of the presence of the sex offender on campus, and the institutions are in turn authorized to share this information publicly, including it in their annual crime report beginning October 2003.

The below list provides the names of any people who have registered with the Connecticut State Police and who have indicated to the State Police that they are either enrolled as students or are employees of SCSU. By clicking on the highlighted name you will be connected to the photograph and relevant information at the State Police Sex Offender Registry.

Name Registration Number
Straw, Zachary #1280867 
Amador, Anthony #1236392
Cobb, Kendall Scott
Batts, Charles #320441
Daniels, Gent L. #625859
Damon, Nick #1027970
Keane, Geoffrey #1125717