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Support and Resource Team (SART)

Southern Connecticut State University's Support and Resource Team (SART) is designed to provide a collaborative victim-centered team response to sexual assault. The mission of SART is to provide services that ensure a transition from victim to survivor for every individual whose life is impacted by sexual violence.  The SART members can provide a survivor with many supportive options including counseling, medical attention, judicial services, advocacy, referrals, and general information regarding sexual assault. 

Should a survivor choose to file a police report, the University Police and Women's Center staff will assist her or him with the reporting process. We will strive to empower the survivor to make her or his own decisions by providing on- and off-campus resources, and then offer support as needed.  The SART members will keep confidentiality to the best of their ability. 

The Sexual Assault Response Team has been designated by the Division of University and Student Affairs to handle sexual assault cases. The team includes a coordinator and designated individuals from throughout the university. For information or to report a sexual assault case, students may contact any member of the team by calling the appropriate telephone number listed below. The Sexual Assault Response Team is available to help anyone who reports a violation of the sexual assault policy. 


In cases of immediate danger or an emergency, call the University Police at 911.


Visit the Support and Resource Team (SART) Web site.