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Groups for Survivors of Sexual Violence


Held on campus in the SCSU Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic, Davis Hall Room 02. The following groups will begin this fall. Call now to save your space.

THRIVE: For female students

ALIVE: For male students

AWAKE: For LGBTQ students

INSTINCT: For transgender survivors

RELATE: For couples looking to build closeness and understanding when one or both partners have experienced trauma in their past 

Confidential group support is one of the best ways to address growth and life satisfaction. Groups are formed by common factors, including identity and focus, and have been shown to make the change process faster and often more long lasting. Groups work best with consistent attendance, but participants can attend at will. These groups have a special focus on empowerment and consist of weekly one-hour sessions.
SCSU students may attend free of charge.
To make an appointment, or for more information, call the Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic at 203-392-6413 or the Violence Prevention, Victim Advocacy and Support Center (VPAS) at (203) 392-6946.
Visit for a complete listing of groups being offered at the Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic.