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Southern Connecticut State University's Violence Prevention, Victim Advocacy and Support Center (VPAS) has a variety of educational programming on sexual misconduct (sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, stalking, sexual exploitation), consent, and bystander intervention.



The VPAS Center accepts ongoing donations for new toiletries for the Umbrella Center for Domestic Violence Services' emergency safe houses. Click here for more information.



All students of Southern Connecticut State University are welcome to attend the programs listed in the Upcoming Events section.

We are happy to meet with your residents, class, or student club/organization with any of the below requestable programs, or create one tailored to the needs of your audience.  

We require at least two weeks' notice to present a program.

If you would like to request a program, please download and fill out a program request form here. Send us an email with your completed form attached, along with any questions, to (203.392.6946)

 Upcoming Events:  

Check back soon for Fall 2018 events!



 Requestable Programs:

Presentation and Tabling Programs

Intersections of Identity   and Sexual Violence

In order to end sexual violence against ALL people we must address the complex circumstances and risk factors that leave some people more at risk than others and recognizing the unique barriers that certain people face when coming forward. This program will explore the complexities of sexual violence in communities of color, LGBTQ folks, survivors with disabilities, and survivors who identify as men. This program is also available as a population-specific program, upon request.                                                      

The Makings of a Healthy Relationship 

This workshop explores the dynamics of healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationships and allows students to identify behaviors in relationships that could be considered “red flags,” how to intervene safely, and reporting and support options.                                                

VPAS 101 

An overview of what VPAS’s services are and how students can access VPAS. Learn how you can get involved with the Center’s work and utilize our advocacy and educational services!  

Cute or Creepy: Understanding Stalking 

Does your favorite movie display signs of stalking? Learn the signs of stalking and examples in popular culture. Discussion includes definition of stalking, statistics, and reporting and support options. 

It’s On Us: Stand Up Against Sexual Exploitation 

Discuss what sexual exploitation is, how to take a stand against it, resources available.

What Would You Do? Bystander Intervention Strategies 

Have you ever seen someone who needed help, but you didn’t know how to help? How do you think you or your classmates would react if they someone who needed help? Request this program to find out that most SCSU students WANT to help, RESPECT those who do help, and you will also get the SKILLS to help safely

What You Need to Know About Sexual Misconduct 

A general overview of sexual misconduct definitions, consent, prevention, how to help a friend, reporting options and support services.

Yes, No, Maybe: Making Sense of Consent

What is consent? Consent is informed, enthusiastic, and necessary. This interactive workshop focuses on communication, consent and healthy sexuality. Learn what consent is and how to ask, listen, and respect. Discussion focuses on definitions of consent, when consent cannot be given, “yes means yes” education.                                                              

Interpersonal Violence Prevention

How do we prevent interpersonal violence? What can we do about sexual misconduct and other forms of interpersonal violence? Learn three perspectives of violence prevention: Primary Prevention, Bystander Intervention and Risk Reduction.

Know Your Rights and Options 

Do you know your reporting and support options for sexual misconduct? This program is an overview of reporting options and advocacy and support services available to Southern students

It’s On Us: Changing Rape Culture

Do we really live in a rape culture? Sometimes it can be difficult to see. This workshop has lots of examples, and you will have an increased ability to identify and change behaviors that contribute to sexual assault and other types of sexual misconduct.

Know the Facts: Sexual Assault

Students will leave with an understanding of the dynamics of sexual assault, reporting options and support services, and ways to safely intervene.    

It’s On Us: Supporting Survivors

 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men experience sexual assault or attempted sexual assault while in college. This program offers some insights on ways of offering your friends who are survivors support and resources.                                                                                                  


Tabling Program Only

I Choose Campaign Tables

The VPAS Center is supporting CCADV’s “I Choose” campaign which is focused on engaging men to make positive life choices that don’t involve violence. Together, we are working towards educating men about making good life choices: “I Choose respect;”“I Choose not to normalize violence towards women;”“I Choose to take a stand against domestic violence.”

Red Flag Campaign Tables  

The Red Flag Campaign is a bystander intervention campaign is designed to raise awareness and help to prevent dating and domestic violence! Visit a table and create a flag to be displayed around campus!

    This table can be requested throughout October.


Presentation Programs Only


The One Love Foundation’s powerful, emotionally-engaging film-based workshop educates about relationship violence and empowers students to recognize and intervene to help others. “Escalation” illuminates the warning signs of an unhealthy and potentially dangerous relationship. It makes relationship abuse personal, causing participants to ask “What can I do to change this?”



College takes relationship issues to the next level, and this game takes the conversation there too. Our Relationship Jeopardy workshop utilizes a fun, competitive game to educate and test student’s knowledge about healthy relationships, relationship diversity and more.



For information on the RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) Program, which is sponsored by University Police, please click here.