information technology failure

A variety of situations can cause the university's information technology system to fail. Viruses, spy ware and other cyber problems can cause a sudden disruption to critical IT capabilities, such as campus email, the Internet, Banner and the MySCSU system.

Individual and Group Safety Information

Immediately following the disaster, a planned sequence of events begins. Key personnel are notified and recovery teams are grouped to implement the plan. Personnel currently employed are listed in Table A. (Click here to download Table A as a PDF document.) However, the plan has been designed to be usable even if some or all of the personnel are unavailable.

In a disaster, it must be remembered that PEOPLE are your most valuable resource. The recovery personnel working to restore the computing systems will likely be working at great personal sacrifice, especially in the early hours and days following the disaster. They may have injuries hampering their physical abilities. The loss or injury of a loved one or coworker may affect their emotional ability. They will have physical needs for food, shelter and sleep.

The university must take special pains to ensure that the recovery workers are provided with resources to meet their physical and emotional needs.


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