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Leave of Absence/Continuous Enrollment

Continuous enrollment requires that every graduate student be enrolled in a course every spring and fall semester from the time of acceptance by the School of Graduate Studies, Research, and Innovation until completion of all requirements for the graduate degree. Students who are not enrolled in a course during the semester in which they are completing work for a thesis, dissertation, practicum, internship, student teaching, or laboratory research must register and pay for IDS 900 (1 credit): Course Continuation. This course must be taken each spring and fall term until the work is completed.

Students who must maintain their matriculation status while completing comprehensive exams or who wish to maintain their matriculation status while taking a leave of absence must register and pay for IDS 901 (0 credit): Continuous Enrollment. Graduate students who have completed all courses must remain continuing students until all degree requirements have been met. Failure to register for an academic course, IDS 900 or IDS 901, will result in automatic withdrawal from the program. In extenuating circumstances, a student may petition for a waiver (available at to the continuous enrollment policy.

The waiver form must be signed by the Graduate/Program Coordinator before sending it to the Dean of Graduate Studies, Research, and Innovation. * Additionally, the form must be delivered to the GSRI office which is located on the 4th floor of the Buley Library (BU) 444. If the waiver is approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies, Research, and Innovation, a letter to that effect will be sent to the student with a copy to the Graduate/Program Coordinator, and the approved petition will be placed in the student’s permanent file.