Graduate Academic Programs

M.F.A. = Master of Fine Arts; M.A. = Master of Arts; M.S. = Master of Science; S.Y.C. = Sixth Year Certificate; G.C. = Graduate Certificate 
* Connecticut Teacher Certification available in these areas

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Program Title Contact
Accounting  GC
Art Education* Cert Only
Bilingual Education/TESOL MS
Biology* MS
Business Administration MBA
Chemistry* MS
Communication Disorders* MS
Computer Science MS
Counseling* MS, SYC
Creative Writing MFA
Educational Leadership* SYC, Ed.D.
Elementary Education* MS
Elementary Education Classroom Specialist SYC
English* MS, MA
Environmental Education MS
Exercise Science* MS
History* MS, MA
Information and Library Science MLIS, Cert  
Marriage and Family Therapy MFT
Mathematics* MS
Nursing MSN, GC, Ed.D.
Physics, Applied MS
Political Science MS
Psychology MA
Public Health MPH
Reading* MS, SYC
Recreation MS
Romance Languages MA
School Counseling MS, SYC

School Health Education

School Psychology* MS, SYC
Science Education* MS
Social Work MSW
Sociology MS
Special Education* MS, SYC
Sport and Entertainment Management  MS
Women's Studies MA, GC