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The Office of International Education (OIE) serves both inbound international students - degree-seeking and short-term exchange - as well as outbound SCSU and CSU consortium students interested in studying either abroad or at a partner institution in the U.S. We also serve members of Southern's faculty interested in establishing programs abroad, as well as members  of  the  Southern  community interested in participating in a Fulbright Program. 

Where Do Southern Students come from?

Our current international students come from all over the world, including countries such as Venezuela, Canada, the United Kingdom, China, Germany, Nigeria, Spain, India, Bermuda, Korea, Belarus, and the Netherlands, and we are excited these numbers are on the rise! Our staff are committed to facilitating as smooth a transition as possible for international students, and we welcome our students to contact us or stop by our office at any time for assistance, or to see a friendly face!

yeah!Where can a Southern student study abroad?

Just about anywhere, really.

Our outbound study abroad students have countless choices of programs and destinations for their semester-or year-long study abroad experience, as the OIE's reciprocal exchange partners are growing in number! 

Each of our staff and faculty members has studied or lived abroad--our destinations including Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Jamaica, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, and Thailand.  We are all deeply committed to the campus globalizing initiative, and we feel honored to participate in a process which we know can have such a positive impact on the lives of our students.

Is studying abroad the only option for students interested in a "study away" experience?

Not at all!

We recognize that studying abroad may not be suitable for every student.  In Fall 2013, SCSU becomes an official member of National Student Exchange (NSE), a "study away" program with hundreds of partner universities across the U.S.  The NSE program allows students to participate in a semester- or year-long domestic exchange, where students pay Southern's tuition and fees and are waived tuition and fees at the host university.  This is a desirable option for students who wish to explore - among countless other locations - life in Montana's Rockies, cajun cuisine and culture in Louisiana, or the breathtaking California coastline while studying full-time at one of our fine NSE partner universities.

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