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Sample Themes

Below you will see possible combinations for Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies degrees.  Please note you can select any concentrations/minors that you wish. Please select a planned program below to view the program's road map.

BUSINESS OF logistics/location analysis interest

Combining concentrations in Business/MIS, Geographic Information Science & Technology, and Computer Science 


Combining concentrations in Geographic Information Science & Technology, Marine Studies and Environmental Studies

ENVIRONMENTAL issues/sustainability

Combining concentrations in Geographic Information Science & Technology, Earth Science, and Environmental Studies

Global Health

Combining concentrations in Geographic Information Science & Technology, and Social Science and Medicine


Combining concentrations in Geographic Information Science & Technology, Public Health, and Anthropology


Combining concentrations in Criminology, Forensic Science, and Sociology

management and music

Combining concentrations in Business Management and Music

music therapy

Combining concentrations in Music, Psychology, and Self-Designed

Non-Profit Administration

Combining concentrations in Professional Writing, Management, and Marketing

Political Communication

Combining concentrations in Journalism, Political Science, and Professional Writing

professional writing, management and marketing

Combining concentrations in Journalism, Management, Marketing, and English

Women's Health and Society

Combining concentrations in Public Health, Sociology, and Women's Studies

Youth Development

Combining concentrations in Leadership Development, Education, and Psychology

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