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Mathematics Faculty


Faculty Member Interests
Bennett, Therese Approximation of functions, numerical analysis, linear algebra, and computer aided geometric design.
Brin, Leon (Chairperson) Partial differential equations, conservation laws, stability of traveling waves, and chaos and fractals.
Carrigan, Braxton Discrete and computational geometry.
Clark, Aaron Geometric/combinatorial group theory and dynamical systems.
D'Amour, Alain Abstract algebra, Jordan theory, and polynomial identities.
Dennis, Emmett Mathematics education and developmental mathematics.
Diamantis, Maria Mathematics education.
Fields, Joseph Combinatorics, coding theory, and discrete mathematics.
Gingrich, Ross History of mathematics, differential equations, and analysis.
Hartog, Martin Mathematics education, secondary school mathematics, and teacher education.
Hong, Jooyoun Commutative algebra
Kavanagh, John Geometric topology and mathematics popularization.
Kruczek, Klay Positional game theory and K-12 mathematics education.
Mugno, Raymond Statistics, adaptive designs, and multivariate analysis.
Pang, Yulei Nonlinear dynamic systems, switching systems, stochastic process, and machine learning.
Pinciu, Valeriu Algebraic and geometric topology, graph theory, and computational geometry.
Scheuermann, John Numerical methods, business and industrial applications, and numerical solutions of PDEs.
Starvaggi, Patrick Optimal stopping theory, probabilistic potential theory and Markov processes, mathematical statistics, sequential analysis, and partial differential equations.
Vaden-Goad, Robert Psychology of learning and teaching mathematics, and geometric topology.


Faculty Member Contact
Lauren Aceto
Claire Adams
Robson de Andrade
Nicole Audie
Theresa Brennan
Sean Brennan
Katie Bruce
Cynthia Cafasso
Catherine Carrigan
Ajay Chhabra
Brian Darrow
Peter Daupern
Amy Davison
Vincent DeCesare
Christine Diehl
Vitaly Drucker
Thomas Fitzpatrick
Gregory Garb
Susan Gilliam
Liz Hart
Harriet Harun
Winnifred Morgan
Caroline Mugno
Chaitanya Nigam
Ruth Olson
Kunle Olumide
Rob Orciuch
Gary Orlando
Alexandria Palmer
David Peruta
Francis Peters
Jerry Pressley
Erica Pultar
Nancy Redmond
Erik Remec
Peter Reyman
Kathleen Rondinone
Ed Scarpa
Sarah Serkin
Julie Sharp
Chloe Sloat
Hermine Smikle
Kimberly Spagnuolo
Susan Spencer
Maria Stockmal
Christopher Strahowski
Theresa Sutherland
Patricia Tomchik
Andrew Warshall
Anne Williams


Bass, Chester Frank   Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (1990)
Bass, Helen G.   Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (1995)
DeCesare, Richard   Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (2016)
Gates, Henry P.   Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (1997)
Grant, Kerry   Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (2001)
Gulati, Bodh R.   Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (1997)
Kuczynski, Leo   Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (2001)
Meck, Michael R.   Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (2003)
Nowlan, Robert   Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (2001)
Sandifer, Theresa   Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (2013)
Schrader, Dorothy V.   Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (1987)
Schultz, Gerald A.   Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (2009)
Smith, J. Philip   Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (2004)
Sparks, Erwin Ray   Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (1992)
Washburn, Robert M.   Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (1997)