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Graduate Courses


SOC 500 - Society and the Individual
Micro sociological analysis of contemporary societies, with emphasis on interactionist and phenomenological viewpoints. Topics for analysis include culture, race, small group behavior, socialization, and various forms of social interaction. 3 credits.

SOC 502 - Community Sociology
Sociological principles and concepts used in the study and analysis of the community. The social, economic and political issues and challenges faced in fostering and maintaining community spirit and organization. 3 credits.

SOC 504 - Gender and the Law
An analysis of the American legal system as it has affected women from the 18th century to the present. Course content is applicable for any student with an interestin the law. Topics include constitutional protections for equality, Title VII (including sexual harassment and sex discrimination), reproductive rights, domestic violence, and Title IX (educational and sports equity). Cross-listed as WMS 504 and EDL 674. Scheduled every third term. 3 credits.

SOC 510 - Ethnic and Racial Relations
Intergroup relations involving races, religious groups, and nationalities. Societal impact of prejudice, discrimination and segregation. Scheduled fall terms. 3 credits.

SOC 515 - Sociology of Gender
Theory and data on the social construction of gender. Advanced
exploration of identity formation, social change and persistence, interactive patterns and inequalities. Impact of gender on individual and society. 3 credits.

SOC 529 - Race, Class, and Gender
Explores the intersection of race, class, and gender in social relations. Uses a wide variety of theoretical perspectives to investigate the ways that race, class, and gender are intersected and the impact this interrelationship has on the experiences and opportunities of individuals and their social location. Cross-listed as ANT 529 and WMS 529. Scheduled spring terms. 3 credits.

SOC 551 - Sociology of Religion
Sociological perspectives on religion as a source of both social
change and persistence. Religious influence on policy and discourse nationally and globally. Sociological models of religious experience, identity, affiliation and structure. 3 credits.

SOC 555 - Criminal Justice and Minorities
Operation of the criminal justice system as it relates to minority group members. The roles of police, courts, and correctional agencies and their impact on blacks, ethnic groups, and the poor. Scheduled every third term. 3 credits.

SOC 556 - Juvenile Delinquency
Definition of delinquency, classifications of delinquents, and theories of causation. The juvenile justice system and the current controversies surrounding the treatment and control of delinquency. 3 credits.

SOC 557 - Correctional Policies and Agencies
Current practices in the treatment of criminals. Historical as well as contemporary overview of penal institutions, halfway houses, probation, parole, and alternative programs. Evaluation of punitive and rehabilitative approaches. Scheduled fall terms. 3 credits.

SOC 565 - The Changing Family
Contemporary families and problems relating to poverty, minority status, illness, rapid social change. Alternative family life styles and the future of the family. 3 credits.

SOC 566 - Crime and the Criminal
Sociological theory and data on the causes, persistence and possible prevention of crime, the changing social dimensions of crime, legal and political agendas, and the socialization and role enactment of being a criminal. 3 credits.

SOC 569 - Sociology of Deviant Behavior
Explanations of deviance: mental illness, alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual deviations, family disruptions, suicide, crime and delinquency, and discrimination. Scheduled every third term. 3 credits.

SOC 570 - Research Methods in Sociology
Analysis of the logic of scientific investigation of social phenomena; theory construction, and the relation between theory and research with examples from studies in sociology and anthropology. Survey of major procedures and principle techniques of empirical work, and practical familiarity with some phases of the research process. 3 credits.

SOC 571 - Qualitative Research in Sociology
The design and execution of qualitative research. Topics include observational and interviewing techniques, analytic induction, analysis of material culture and ethics in social research. Students will complete an ethnographic study of a public setting. 3 credits.

SOC 572 - Quantitative Research in Sociology
Current quantitative methods applied to survey construction, interview strategy, data collection, analysis and interpretation. Discussion of ethical and philosophical issues surrounding quantitative analysis, as well as general protocol and practices. Quantitative study of attitudes, events or cultural meanings. 3 credits.

SOC 580 - Applied Sociological Theory
Sociological theories applied to one or more social issues consequential to life in the U.S., such as discrimination, gang violence, corporate crime, global inequality and emerging current events. The Paradigms covered include functionalist, conflict, interpretive, post-modernist and feminist sociologies. Emphasis is placed on contrasting pedagogues and the different research considerations implied in each. Scheduled fall terms. 3 credits.

SOC 582 - Sociology of Education
Examination of the nature of knowledge as transmitted by educational and related institutions. How education and knowledge are enacted within a socio-cultural system, and influenced by social class, politics, religion and ethnicity. Topics include the school as an agent of socialization and stratification, as well as school organization and reform. 3 credits.

SOC 590 - Thesis Proposal in Sociology
For thesis students only. Development of thesis proposal. Prerequisite: departmental permission. Always scheduled. 3 credits.

SOC 591 - Thesis Research in Sociology
For thesis students only. Implementation of research design from approved thesis proposal and written presentation of findings. Prerequisite: departmental permission. Always scheduled. 3 credits.

SOC 600 - Directed Independent Study and Research
With permission of the department. Not to be taken in lieu of thesis seminar. Always scheduled. 3 credits.