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Graduate Program in Sociology

The Master's Program in Sociology provides students with an advanced  understanding of social behavior, and the methodologies for studying that behavior.   The program serves students who are preparing for a career working with people, who seek to develop their skills engineering  social changes, who desire to teach at the secondary or college level, who are preparing for a Ph.D. program, and who are simply seeking personal growth.

Core Course Requirements

SOC 500 - Contemporary Society
SOC 502 - Community Sociology
SOC 570 - Research Methods in Sociology
SOC 571 - Qualitative Research Methods
SOC 572 - Quantitative Analysis of Social Science Data
SOC 580 - Applied Sociological Theory 

Master's Thesis

Requires 30 graduate credits of approved course work and successful completion of a thesis (6 credits).

Comprehensive Examination

Requires 36 credits and passing a comprehensive exam.

Special Project

Requires 39 credits of approved course work and completion of a special project under the supervision of an approved department faculty member.

For more information about the graduate program in sociology, please contact:

Dr. Jessica Kenty-Drane
Interim Graduate Program Coordinator