As the cornerstone of the university, the school of Arts and Sciences promotes the engagement of students in a high quality education, establishing a path to self directed learning and civic involvement for the public good.  The School's commitment to the advancement of its undergraduate and graduate academic programs and its contribution to all students' liberal education is fulfilled by a distinguished teaching faculty deeply absorbed in scholarly and creative activity.


Serving students, professional programs, employers, and the state of Connecticut at large, the School of Arts and Sciences fulfills this mission by enlightening our students in the fundamental knowledge of the arts and sciences.  We offer our students the opportunity to participate in the discovery of new knowledge, to create and perform artistically, and to discover the interconnectedness of all branches of learning in the arts and sciences. The School of Arts and Sciences requires our students meet high standards of academic rigor and integrity and will strive to expand our students' understanding of their responsibilities as citizens of their communities and their global society.  We prepare and advance our students for work in a knowledge economy and take seriously our role in molding future generations of educators.