Student Scholarships

Lou Irvin Award 
The Greater New England Alliance of Black School Educators is seeking to further the
higher education opportunities among qualified juniors and senior students of color who
are residents of Connecticut and have  been accepted into the School of Education.  It is our desire that through this financial assistance, some area young person, who might not otherwise have been afforded the opportunity, might gain advanced educational training.  Further, it is our hope that with this education, the individual will be able and
obliged to contribute to the betterment of the area, the country and indeed the world. 

Scholarship Information & Award Application

Southern Scholarship Program

Marguerite McKay Grant 

Minority Teacher Incentive Grant or Weisman Scholarship - Funded by the Connecticut Department of Higher Education


Alma Exley Scholarship Program


Elizabeth Doyle Memorial Scholarship

Delta Kappa Gamma: Two Scholarships Available

Greater New England Alliance of Black School Educators (GNEABSE) 

Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program


Gates Millennium Scholarships