bachelor of science in nursing for rns (RN-BSN) (ONLINE PROGRAM)

Image of NursingThe department offers a flexible admission policy for RNs who hold an associate's degree or diploma, and who desire a bachelor's degree in nursing. Students are provided with individualized attention as they proceed through the nursing program. The program takes into account the rich background of experience of the RN in terms of both clinical and classroom settings.


RNs must apply to and be accepted by the university. Once accepted to the university, the student will be advised by the RN-BSN Coordinator.  After completion of the prerequisites, students are eligible to apply to the nursing program.  Following acceptance to the nursing program students will meet with the RN advisor to plan a program of study. Students may take CLEP exams as a substitute for some liberal arts courses. Thirty credits for prior nursing course work is awarded within the framework of the Connecticut Articulation Agreement.

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Prerequisite Courses

The following are the prerequisite course titles for the RN/BSN Program. Previous courses may be transferable when official transcript evaluation is completed. A grade of "C+*" or better must be achieved in all prerequisite courses.

* Effective for students entering Fall of 2011 or therafter 

Prerequisite to Nursing Courses

Course Title Credits
ENG112 Composition II 3
MAT108 Math for Natural Sciences 3
BIO110 Human Biology I 4
BIO111 Human Biology II 4
BIO120 Basic Microbiology 4
CHE120 General Chemistry I 4
PSY100 Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY219 Lifespan Psychology 3
MAT107 Elementary Statistics 3

Courses in the Nursing Major

Course Title Credits
NUR317 Nursing Research 2
NUR457 Advanced Clinical Concepts: Selected Health Issues for Practice 3
NUR459 Leadership and Management in Contemporary Nursing Practice 4
NUR460 Advanced Concepts in Nursing 1 3
NUR462 Health Assessment of RN/BSN Students 4
NUR463 Concepts of Community Health Nursing for RN/BSN Students 4
NUR467 Care Across the Continuum for Special Populations 3

In addition to the Nursing Prerequisite courses, in order to obtain a BSN from SCSU, students may also have general university requirement to fullfill. Some transfer credits may meet this criterion.  The required university requirements are as follows:

 To learn more about university credit transfers please refer to:

For more information, contact:
Dr Mary Ann Glendon,RN-BSN Coordinator
(203) 392-6481

Dr Kim Lacey, RN-BSN Advisor
(203) 392-8871