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BSW Course Progression

Social Work Program Course Progression


Check online catalog for current Social Work courses and course descriptions:

Social Work courses are offered in a developmental progression. Once students are accepted into the BSW program, they must register for courses in the following order:


Fall Semester Spring Semester

SWK 320 - Human Behavior            in the Social Environment I

SWK 321 - Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
SWK 330 - Social Welfare Institutions and Policies SWK 390 - Interviewing Skills in Social Work
SWK 376 - Methods of                        Intervention I                  SWK 380, 381 or 382 - Social Work Field of Practice Electives


Fall Semester Spring Semester

SWK 350 - Social Work                     Research Methods

SWK 378 - Methods of Intervention III
SWK 377 - Methods of Intervention II SWK 430 - Social Welfare Institutions and Policies II
SWK 490W (6 credits) - Field Practice Seminar I SWK 491W (6 credits) - Field Practice Seminar II

Students are responsible for communicating with their faculty advisor if they are unable to register for all three social work courses in any given semester, and/or if they need to create a part-time program plan.

 Advising Guidelines

You will need to take one W course outside of the social work department UNLESS you initially transferred in 60 or more credits.  You can find out what courses have W sections by searching the course schedule and entering in % in the Subj Code line and * in the Title line and clicking submit.

Several of your required courses have W sections.

  • If you would like to take a specific course at another college, you MUST complete a form from the registrar's office and obtain permission PRIOR TO registering for the course.  See the registrar's website for more information:

 Online Graduation Application

Students indicate that they are completing their social work degree requirements by completing an online graduation application on the registrar's website by the specified deadline: