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Transfer Information

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in SCSU's Social Work program!

SCSU is in a transition phase for our university requirements.  Most transfer students will follow our Liberal Education Program (LEP).  Individual decisions will be made to maximize the transfer credits for those transferring with a significant number of credits.  Please contact Dr. Amy Smoyer for pre-advisement regarding the university requirements (contact information below).

SCSU students use a Degree Evaluation as their program plan.  A degree evaluation lists all the requirements for a social work major as well as the specific courses that fulfill each requirement:

Course Transfer Information:  To find out how your courses from another Connecticut school will most likely be applied to SCSU course requirements, go to: 

A dialogue box will open up for you to select the school and enter specific course numbers.  Click on Faculty view, then click on your school, then enter the SCSU course number from the Degree Evaluation and submit.

University and BSW Program Admissions:  See BSW Admission Standards and Procedures under the "Admission" Tab

Advising Assistance:  Dr. Amy Smoyer, BSW Coordinator, is available to discuss transfer issues regarding the social work major.  After you are accepted to the university, you will make an appointment to meet with him for your first advising appointment.  At this appointment, your transfer credits will be reviewed and a program plan mutually established, including the pacing and amount of time you will need to complete a BSW degree.  Academic credit is not given for life experience or previous work experience for any social work courses.  In all cases, requests for transfer credits are evaluated on an individual basis.  You will be given an alternate PIN number to use for registration, as well as a registration date to sign up for classes for the next semester.

Contact information for Dr. Smoyer: or (203)392-7324