The Department of World Languages and Literatures offers several undergraduate and graduate programs. Undergraduates can major or minor in Spanish, French, Italian, or German. The department also offers a full range of courses in Arabic and Chinese. We also encourage all students, especially language majors and minors, to study abroad to enhance their language skills and expand their college experience.

Medical Spanish students

Why Learn a World Language?

With dedication and effort, anyone can learn a language, at any age. Learning a world language:

  • improves your employment prospects in business, government, law, medicine, health care, communication, marketing, travel and hospitality, and many other fields
  • allows you to better appreciate a wider variety of art, music, literature, and culture
  • improves your analytic abilities and study skills
  • helps dispel the global myth of the unaware, "ugly" American
  • leads to better appreciation of diversity and multiculturalism
  • keeps your brain young
  • helps you connect with and befriend more people
  • improves your understanding of your native language
  • allows you to communicate with millions more people
  • leads you towards better appreciation of the richness and diversity of human life and expression
  • helps you see things from other perspectives and understand how other people think
  • opens your mind and your world