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Faculty Development Mentor Meetings

When to Meet

There are no specified meeting times for the mentoring pairs but informal get-togethers are held at least once every semester to facilitate meetings. A kick-off gathering at the beginning of the semester enables mentors and mentees to meet face-to-face and agree on a mentoring plan for the academic year. The mentoring relationship may terminate at the end of the academic year once the mentee has reached a comfort level or could continue if the mentoring relationship develops into a strong friendship. In order for a mentoring relationship to be successful, face-to-face meetings are encouraged. The time commitment depends on each mentoring pair. Research shows that mentoring relationships in which pairs meet often tend to be more successful than others. While face-to-face interactions are very helpful, email and telephone sessions can be effective as well. In the past, mentors and mentees have

  • Met face to face anywhere from one to a dozen times or more

  • Have talked on the phone, and/or corresponded by email